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Central MN Photographer

Hello! I'm Scott Leither and I'm a photographer based out of Central Minnesota.

I specialize in creating a relaxing and non-threatening atmosphere for your photo experience.

I pose shots as little as possible - relying instead on capturing the natural, organic moments as they come.

My style is considered "documentary" - where the experience of being photographed as well as the final result of the images are both made as enjoyable as possible.

Please visit my Portfolio and see some of my favourite images from a selection of my recent portrait work.

Click here to see my Portfolio

And don't forget to connect with me through your favorite social media platform. (Hint: Facebook is where you'll find me most often.)

- Scott Leither

P.S. If you have any questions about my work or would like to talk about working together, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the "Contact Me" link above.


First things first. I don't work with everybody that comes knocking on my door.

Not even close.

It seems weird to say, but I only work with people that have seen my past work, and want something similar.

You have to really love my style before even thinking about working with me. Otherwise --- this won't end up in a good place for either of us.

That said --- I'm a portrait guy. I shoot family events, engagement pictures, babies, kids, grandparents, head-shots, marketing promo's.....if it has a face, I'll take it's picture.

I am also getting into landscaping and aerial photo's. If there is something you are looking for to fit your decor needs, let me know and I will shoot it for you.

As far as pricing goes --- there are just so many variables that come into play that I really need to talk to you first.

So send me a message and let's connect. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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